In 1981, ten Irish Republicans jailed in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh staged a hunger strike to win status as political prisoners.  Margaret Thatcher's government refused.  Beginning with Bobby Sands, all ten died as a result of Britsh intransigence.

The Hunger Strikers Memorial on Maple Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut is the only monument of its kind in the United States.  Established by the Hartford Unit of the Irish Northern Aid Committee and local Irish-Americans, the monument features a bed of green, white, and orange flowers that form the Irish flag.  The Celtic Cross is surrounded by a half-circle of 32 small bushes representing the 32 counties of Ireland. 

The cross has Bobby Sands' name on the front. On the sides and back are the names of the other republican martyrs: Patsy O'Hara, Francis Hughes, Raymond McCreesh, Kieran Doherty, Kevin Lynch, Thomas McIlwee, Mickey Devine, Joe McDonnell and Martin Hurson.  The memorial also includes Frank Stagg and Michael Gaughan who died on hunger strike in England.

It's said that ex-prisoners in Northern Ireland carry pictures of this monument in their wallets.
Hunger Strikers Memorial, Hartford, CT
The dedication story from
An Phoblacht/Republican News

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